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 Information Audit


If you are part of a small business, we can carry out an information audit for you at a flat rate. We also carry out information audits for larger business and government agencies at a very competitive hourly rate.

Please contact us and we will be more than happy to organise an information audit for you.


An information audit is an excellent way of troubleshooting your existing information and records management systems or determining which information and records management tools and processes would work best in your organisation.


An information audit is a way of looking at the information created within an organisation and the processes and workflows that contribute to it. Once completed an audit should be able to provide an overview of how chosen forms of information are created, used, managed and owned within an organisation, and based on this, improvements can then be suggested. (This definition comes from our glossary.)


Nowadays it is vital that organisations have a clear idea of what information they hold and how it is managed. Once an organisation has a clear idea of this it can then start to adapt or streamline tools and processes that contribute to the creation and management of information. Efficient and responsive information management processes and tools allow for higher compliance, quicker indexing and retrieval and reduced costs.