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Associated Record Keeping Services


Compass Training

Provides tools, resources, and training for the records and information management industry.  Resources include specialised knowledge base resources through to simple to use project management and business analysis tools.


Record Keeping Associations (NZ)


RMAA Records Management Association of Australasia

ARANZ - Archives and Records Association of New Zealand


Useful records management research websites


Archives New Zealand

Archives New Zealand maintains the memory of the Government by ensuring that records of value are kept.


Continuum Records Management Standards

Archives New Zealand is responsible for the development and monitoring for many key recordkeeping standards in New Zealand. Whether you are a government agency or not, maintaining your records to these standards will ensure a high level of compliance.


ISO 15489 – Background

ISO 15489 is an international recordkeeping standard. It is centred round what the characteristics of a record should be. By ensuring that those characterisics are maintained, a recordkeeping programme can be designed where the records are appropriately created, received and used in the conduct of business activities. Although designed for electronic records, many of the principles can be applied to paper records as well.


National Archives of Australia: DIRKS Manual: A Strategic Approach to Managing Business Information

NARA: Toolkit for Managing Electronic Records

Although designed for Australian and American agencies, these sites still provides some excellent step by step guidance when it comes to investigating and implementing an ideal recordkeeping system in your organisation. A useful place to start if you are considering setting up recordkeeping systems or tools in your organisation and wish to know how to start, or what to ask for when hiring consultants.


New Zealand Legislation (Searchable)

Not sure which records you need to keep? Search the database under words like “records” or “information”. (A word of warning: often the legislation does not specify how long you should keep your records. We suggest that you contact a consultant to find out how you can dispose of your records legally and still have storage space.) There also may be other policies, rules, standards governing the use of your records that are not covered by statures.



Record Keeping Education


If you are interested in learning more about Records Management, or are considering making it your career, there are two educational options in New Zealand:


Diploma of Records and Information Management

The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand (Undergraduate)


Certificate / Diploma in Archives and Records Management

Victoria University of Wellington (Postgraduate)



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